Drunk Driving Golfing

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It’s common knowledge that drunk driving is a dangerous and illegal practice. But were you aware that people get charged with drunk driving in vehicles other than cars or trucks – in golf carts, for instance?

For those who live in a golf community, a celebratory round or two is par for the course after a friendly game. Most people get around thier local area by golf cart, as is perfectly legal in a private neighborhood. However, if you have had more than a couple of drinks, here’s why you should let a sober friend take the wheel.
Avoid injury to yourself and others. You may think that it’s difficult to hurt yourself while driving a golf cart because of its slow speed, or that you will be safe as long as you stay on the course and off the street. Nothing could be further from the truth. Check out this recent story from California, in which an elderly man and his friend crashed into a tree and passed out on a golf course while driving drunk. They were lucky to get away with minor injuries, considering the sand traps, lakes and other hazards found on most courses.
Prevent property damage. Reckless driving can inevitably lead to a crash. Whether you hit another vehicle, a storage shed, or even the side of your garage while trying to park, you are liable for the resulting damage. Not to mention the repairs or replacement of your golf cart.
Keep your record clean. The operation of any vehicle while under the influence is illegal everywhere. Penalties vary from state to state and may depend on the damage you cause. You may find yourself with anywhere from a small fine to a prison sentence.
The bottom line is: when you are in no condition to drive, no matter how small the vehicle or how short the distance, save yourself the trouble and get a ride.

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Drunk Driving Golfing
Drunk driving should be avoided at all costs, even on a golf course.

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