Family Fun at Sea Island Golf Club

Sea Island Golf Club - Golf Leisure Magazine

It was time for our annual family vacation and we weren’t sure where to go. My husband, ever the golf fanatic, suggested a golf resort. My children and I all groaned and rolled our eyes at first, but then we started doing some research and found Sea Island Golf Club. Located on a beach in Georgia, this sprawling resort has three full golf courses and tons of additional activities for every member of the family. So we packed our bags and headed to Sea Island for a week.

As soon as we arrived, we found that this resort indeed had something for everyone. Our teenage daughter spent most of her time at the Beach Club, taking the sun, swimming, and making new friends. Our 9-year-old son absolutely loved the activities designed especially for kids. He played tennis, squash and watersports, did art projects, and explored the nature of the beautiful island – all with children his own age. As for me, I took part in a birding club, played few games of tennis, and recharged myself with spa and beauty treatments. We also got in plenty of quality family time – when we could tear my husband away from the golf course. We went horseback riding, fishing, and relaxed on the beach all together.

And I haven’t even mentioned the food yet. Sea Island Golf Club has multiple dining options, ranging from formal to laid-back. My husband, daughter and I were able to enjoy fresh fish, prime cut steak, and other gourmet dishes, while my picky son selected more kid-friendly food. With so many excellent full meals, snacks, and desserts, it’s a good thing we all remained active the entire week!

In short, with its variety of activities and events, Sea Island Golf Club was a comfortable and fun place for our family vacation. I heard nothing but positive comments from my kids and husband the entire time. Everyone agreed that this vacation was unforgettable and will be difficult to top!

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