Family Reunion at a Golf Resort

Family Reunion at a Golf Resort - Golf Leisure Magazine

My elderly parents were about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, and they could think of no better way to mark the occasion than with a family reunion. They whisked all their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren away to a beautiful golf resort in Wisconsin for a relaxing week in the great outdoors.

We were a group of 18 and we all wanted to do different things on vacation. This resort had the space, resources and activities to keep all of us – from age 2 to 84 – busy and content. The main attraction, of course, was golf, and my parents, brother and brother-in-law made regular use of the resort’s two challenging courses. As for the rest of the group, we got in a few games with the whole family. It was fun to see my father teaching the kids about golf, but in general most of us were more interested in the other attractions. We ladies loved the spa – which offered massages, manicures and more – as well as the cute shopping village. We attended culinary demonstrations and even got to try our hand at chocolate making. For the more outdoorsy types among us, the options included hiking, canoeing, archery and horseback riding. The teenagers and kids were excited to get in the lake for swimming, pedal boating, and kayaking. There was even a camp for the littlest children, so that they could try all the activities with kids their own age, while giving Mom and Dad a rest.

All four generations loved the golf resort. In the mornings, we had a sit-down breakfast together, and then everyone broke off into small groups depending on what they wanted to do. At dinnertime, we all reconvened at one of the elegant restaurants on the resort to share stories about our day. Even though we weren’t all golfers, everyone agreed that the resort was a great choice for our family reunion because of the endless attractions, and most importantly, because of the quality time we spent together.

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