Footwork to Help Out your Swing

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In any sport, the feet and legs should work along so as for the remainder of the body to perform properly, and golf is not any exception.

During an essentially sound swing, the feet should roll from side to side to produce power and management. On the backswing, the left foot ought to roll to the within, and also the heel ought to stay on or close to turf. Throughout the downswing, the right foot ought to roll to the inside before the heel gets pulled up for the end of the swing. By maintaining contact with the turf, you’ll produce leverage and maintain control throughout the swing.
Problems begin, however, once the right heel rises too early within the downswing, this causes the foot to twist at the end. This typically leads to a loss of management, poor tempo and errant golf shots.
To give yourself the most effective probability to swing up to speed with power and accuracy, learn to roll your feet from side to side, keeping your left heel near the turf within the backswing and your right heel on the turf until you’ve created contact with the ball. Bear in mind that a robust reference to the bottom is crucial for solid impact and correct shotmaking.
Here are 5 tips that we think over here at Golf Leisure Magazine will help you out with your swing:
1. Keep your hands low. Keeping your hands low reduces the height of the ballflight.
2. Flipping. Placing your body too far in front of the ball will cause you to instinct try to close the face of the club.
3. Hooking. Having your thumbs down while approaching contact will help to close the clubface and prevent hook shots.
4. Use your body. Keep in mind that every golfer know that the power of a swing does not come from the arms.
5. Maintaining the “K”. Stiffening your back leg will likely put your body out of balance. Keep that knee bent.

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Footwork to Help Out your Swing
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