Golf as Exercise

Golf as Exercise

Many people believe that golf is just a laid back sport. Actually, it’s more exercise than you think. You can burn more than 900 calories just playing 18 holes.

It is also equivalent to a 5 mile walk, a good workout for the cardiovascular system. There are also many other benefits when you go out and shoot some golf.
Relives Stress
A nice stroll around the course gives you time to relax. It clears your mind as you play. Less stress in life could lead to a longer lifetime.
The Social Aspect
An average round of 18 holes usually takes 3 to 4 hours to play. That’s good time to spend with friends or family. The way the game is played makes it a social sport. There is always plenty of time in-between shots for a little chit-chat. Even though you do compete against the other players, it is not a super competitive sport with hard feelings. You don’t see too many fights breaking out on golf courses.
The Great Outdoors
Spending time outside is always good for your health. Fresh air can get your heart pumping more and also help you relax. Everybody knows that green is a healing color, being outdoors is proven to reduce stress and relieve anxiety.
Take Your Vitamins
One source of vitamin D is the sun. Golfing gives you some time in the sun to soak up your vitamins. Vitamin D helps younger people’s growth and help prevent osteoporosis in older people.
These are some of the reasons that golf is such a great game. Call one of your buddies or get a family member and book your tee time. Happy golfing.

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