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Everyone knows all of the basic terms in golf. There are also a lot of phrases that most regular people don’t know what they mean. Golf Leisure Magazine put together a small list of them.

And here is our list of definitions of some golf terms:
Ace: Hole in One, when the ball is hit off the tee and lands in the hole (usually on a par 3)
Afraid of the dark: When a putt refuses to go in the hole
Apron: The short grass right in front of the green
Away: The ball that is the farthest away from the cup. Usually the first to play in the group
Back Nine: The last nine holes at an eighteen hole course
Bag Rat: Caddy
Ball Marker: A small coin shaped object to mark the ball’s position on the greens so that it does not interfere with other golfers putting
Beach: Sand bunker
Bite: When the ball has a lot of backspin and will either stop when it lands or even roll back some towards the golfer
Bunker: A concave area filled with sand (considered a hazard)
Can: The hole or cup
Cup: See above
Dance Floor: The green
Dew Sweepers: Those people that you see golfing first thing in the morning
Divot: The chunk of grass that flies up when too much of the ground is hit before contact with the ball.
Drive: The first shot taken from the tee at each hole
Driver: The longest club (usually with the largest head) that is used for tee shots
Duff: A bad shot
Fairway: The center, low cut part between the tee and the hole
Fan: Same thing as a “whiff”
Four-Jack: When a golfer uses four strokes in order to make a putt on the green
Flyer: When a ball goes past the green on the approach
Fore: Something a golfer yells out if his ball is approaching other golfers
Gimmie: Non-tournament play when a putt looks like an easy one, they let it go
Goat Track: A golf course that is poorly maintained
Hook: When a right hander hooks a shot from right to left
Loft: The angle of the face of the club
Match Play: When the goal is to win individual holes rather than the whole course
Mulligan: A poorly made shot between friends and is allowed a do over
Nineteenth Hole: A golf courses restaurant or bar
OB: Out of bounds
Pin-Seeker: When a ball sails straight towards the pin or flag
Scratch: A golfer with a handicap of zero
Tap in: An easy put that usually other golf partners will concede
Twigs: Usually a set of golf club
Valleys: The flats between mounds
This is only a short list of different terms. If you have any more let us know.

Article Name
Golf Vernacular
Golf has many different words to describe the game and play. Here are a few of the common and not so common terms.

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