Golfing with Your Daughter

Golfing With Your Daughter- Golf Leisure Magazine

I wanted to go out golfing last weekend, then my wife reminded it was my turn to babysit. Got to make the best of both worlds. Number one getting time to spend with my daughter, number two golfing. I figured I would take her along.

I thought we would be able to have some father and daughter time together and hang out. Maybe in the process I would be able to gain her interest in a sport that I enjoy playing. I amped myself up for it. A day out, just me and her hanging out at the links.

The first hole, she took a couple of whacks at it. Second hole, she was not that impressed with her performance. It was getting tough pretty fast. That{s when I reminded myself that she is still only four years old. I can’t let it ruin my day out and I can’t let it ruin her day either.

Some parents always hope that their kids turn out to be superstars. Probably because we almost were able to. Thee thing that I have always have been told, is to let them want to experience it for themselves. When they want to really learn they will ask for lessons. Remember that golf is not like baseball or football, where it is normal just to throw a ball around. Golf takes a little bit of skill.

One of my buddies told me that it would be easier if I was able to get one of her friends involved. He said that it worked for him. It was a whole lot easier to get son involved in golf. Plus the kids had fun hanging out together.

I had to give in, I could see that it was killing her to be here. Glad I brought my tablet, showed her how to access the golf apps that show the course. We went for another couple of holes and she loved following me around, telling me what club to use. Also how far I was away from the tee and, funny to her, how sorry my last shot was. I think this might have been a bad idea on showing her the golf app.

Now I got my rescue. She was still tired of the whole golf idea. Games started to appear on the tablet. The candy game, the dress up people game (if you can call that a game), and all of the other silly stuff one would expect from a four year old.

To end it all off, it was a good day after all. She had some fun, I had some fun, and we all had a good day. The thing that I have learned from this day is, always bring extra entertainment if you are going to bring one of your young kids with you.

The summary, it was a good outing with my daughter. She actually asked when we would go again. My reply was soon, as long as I don’t forget to bring the tablet. Remember folks, tablet is the keyword here.

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