Guys’ weekend out

Guys Weekend Out - Rio Secco Las Vegas - Golf Leisure Magazine

So the guys and I were out for lunch the other day and started discussing where they thought the best place to go for a guys’ golfing weekend. That was a tough decision, so we decided to make a top five of where we thought we should go. It took us all week to make the decision.

Right away the guy that only golfs like once every six months, of course, was the first to speak. Vegas, he said. Everyone likes to party and if you’ve never been to Vegas, now’s your chance. Although we all agreed with him, and some of us had played at The Rio Secco Golf Club, we also agreed that there are a lot of other places to party. Some of us felt that this was a chance to go and play at a course that we’ve dreamt on going to.

Another place that we thought of was New Orleans. I think most of us were thinking about partying more. New Orleans does have some good party places on Bourbon Street. Even though most of us have never golfed there, the one that did said that TPC Louisiana was a pretty good course. We took his word for it because he’s the one that golfs at least twice a month and he has traveled to quite a few different places.

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