How GPS Has Changed the Game of Golf

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Technology is everywhere these days, so it should come as no surprise that it is able to help you with your golf game. There are several high quality golf GPS apps on the market, with most ranging from $9 to $25. Use of these apps will certainly make you a more analytical golfer – which, over time, can improve your handicap.

The main feature of golf GPS technology is that it provides you with a very clear image of the course – targets as well as hazards. You can switch from aerial to satellite view of the entire hole, to fairway, to green. Plot your course and calculate exact distances between your planned shots. This bird’s eye view allows you to hit your targets with more precision, and to revise your strategy easily when you make a mistake. The app keeps track of your game with full-color graphics for you to review later. You can also record the club that you use for every shot to help you remember which is the most effective in different situations.

With golf GPS apps, gone are the days of fumbling with that tiny pencil and paper to keep score. Just mount your tablet or phone inside your golf cart and enter the results on the virtual scorecard. As the app is able to load the par for each course you visit, your handicap is automatically calculated. Your stats are automatically saved so that you can compare the next time you play the same course. If you’re playing with buddies, e-mail the scorecard to them for their records.

Although you may not realize it, many golf clubs also employ GPS technology to manage the flow of the game. By analyzing the pace of play, course management can schedule tee times more effectively to ensure that players are not getting backed up. They also monitor the course for potential problems, such as out-of-bounds carts, altercations or emergencies. This improves your overall experience and satisfaction, as well as the club’s business.

While apps give you more information and opportunities for reflection about your games, GPS alone will not make you a better golfer. Continued practice and improvement of your form and stance are still necessary to become great at golf.

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