Mission Hills Hainan Island, China

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Mission Hills, Haikou, Hainan Island, China
Mission Hills is luxurious golf park that is being currently built in Hainan, China. The resort is nestled within a national high end and very luxurious tourist attraction, in China they call it 5A. Mission Hills is the ultimate destination for visitors looking for some of the world’s best golfing experience and courses, and yet this resort doesn’t stop there, Mission Hills Haikou gives you the works, spa treatment, hot springs as well as other leisurely activities.

Mission Hills’ golf courses are very exclusive that they get named after all-star golfers, but this course takes the cake; named after 18 times major champion Jack Nicklaus. This course has been China’s first golf course to be ever officially recognized by the US PGA, and to be used in case of major professional competitions, and many of the world’s greatest professionals-that includes our very own Tiger Woods and Greg Norman-. But who is Jack Nicklaus?, nicknamed ‘The golden Bear’, he has been considered as the very best in golfing, top-notch player; but I don’t have to tell you that, I mean if you’re a die-hard fan of the game, you already know who he is .But in case you didn’t you now know who he is. And for that reason we believe that this course is really special, at least for us.
Mission Hill’s 10 courses, were all designed by a combined team Schmidt-Curley, he’s is one the world’s most celebrated golf course designer, since he makes different design ‘genres’, so to speak, and takes in the different traditions from around the world as inspiration for all of his golf courses.
Mission Hill’s Resort has other amenities other than golfing it includes a 518 room five star hotel; a premium clubhouse, an outdoor aquatic theme park, a 12 amazing restaurants, state of the art fitness and recreation center. What makes this place so special for everyone is the feel and look of the place, it looks modern, very fresh and refined and yet there is a local flare to it, for example the classic restaurant: Quiongcaiwang food village is the largest garden-style food village, the place is very famous for its seafood in Haikou, its dish selection is very popular amongst the clients and the scenery is a just a sight for sore eyes.
The resort had the bright idea to stay in a fully serviced apartment, vocational rental or guest house to make it a home away from home experience. The clubhouse overlooks the last hole in the Blackstone course, it has three restaurants, and luxurious retail stores.

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Mission Hills Hainan Island, China
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