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Putting might not seem so significant, but it does play a major role in the game.

On average it is about 40% of the game. If it was easier, we would all be pros on the circuit.
Balance, muscle control and finesse are all factors. Here we have a couple of tip to try and improve your game. We are not saying that these are the only things to keep in mind, they are just some things to try and help out your game.
Get a Grip
Your grip plays an important role when you putt. Ideally you should have a firm grip on the putter. It should be firm enough to control the putt, but soft enough to let the putter do the work for you. The putter should act like a pendulum. Its natural weight should drive the ball into the cup. You are only there to guide it in.
Aim Short on Long Putts
Long putts can rattle anyone, even some pros let it get to them. One of the best things to do is aim short. You already know the line to the cup, just pretend that the cup is a couple of feet closer. In doing this, you can be assured that you are not going to overshoot the cup. This can also make for a more accurate putt.
The Eyes Have it
Concentrating on the cup itself can set you up for disaster. What needs to be done is to keep your eyes on the putting line. Having your eyes over the line will help to keep your putt straight. This will also lead to your body and feet parallel to the line.
The Back of the Ball
This is a very common mistake. When you putt you are just tapping it in. driving the ball off the tee is something completely different. When you use your driver, you are aiming towards the center of the ball. Putting you just want to “push it in”. Aiming towards the back of the ball will also help you in not overshooting the cup either.
Practice makes Perfect
Not many people go out just to practice putting.
We all enjoy the driving range. You buy a bucket of balls and go to town for an hour or so. How often have you just practiced putting? As much as you hit the driving range, you should spend time on the practice green. Even if you don’t have time to go out, this is something that you can even do at home. Your yard might not be the same beautiful grass that is on the course, it can help you out with at least the motions of the game.
These are just some ideas to try and improve your game. Maybe you get something out of this and knock a couple of strokes off your game. Happy putting everyone!

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