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TPC Sawgrass 17th Hole - Golf Leisure Magazine

TPC Sawgrass is a course in Florida. The construction of the golf course was completed in 1980, the club house at Sawgrass is 77,000 square feet long, which makes it very spacious,

the club house is quite beautiful, it is a mixture of an elegant classical style combined with a more modern flare, the clubhouse has a Mediterranean revival style according to one of their websites, the clubhouse has a deluxe restaurant and it offers a wide variety of dishes, the golf course is located in Ponte Vedra, Florida. If we put all the courses together then we have a grand total of 36 holes, 72 par each course and a length of 7,125 yards for both courses. The course covers an impressive 415 acres of Florida swampland, the fairways are quite narrow and it’s filled with marshes and waste bunkers.
Sawgrass’ course signature hole is the Stadium’s course, the golf stadium in that course can hold at least 36,000 spectators.
The 17th hole has a different name the “Island Green”, it measures only 132 yards, from the tee to the green. This hole’s history is actually quite peculiar since the “island green” design was in actuality an accident from the very start. The soil around it, is mostly sand, which actually makes it a pretty good golf course. The designer of hole 17 is the wife of Pete Dye, Alice Dye. They’ve also worked with other people like Bobby Weed on the design of the other courses.
The actual 17th hole design was proposed by Alice. In the beginning people weren’t too optimistic of the idea, but they eventually went along with it and got it built, and it’s because of that, that most like gave way to one of the weirdest moments in golf history happened, as Steve Lowery was getting ready to take the shot in hole 17th ; when he swings it, the ball makes its stop on the green, and all of the sudden a gull swoops in out of nowhere and takes the ball into the air and over the water, where it threw it once and for all once it realized it was not edible, after the incident Mr. Lowery was allowed to replace the ball and put it exactly where it had landed before.
The Ponte Vedra, Florida TPC has made an important announcement, they have decided to expand their international portfolio, with the launch of TPC Dorado Beach, and this will be the first resort that the TPC Sawgrass will open, this will include an integrated beachfront resort and a residential community. The resort will be built in Dorado beach, it is known for having pearly white coastlines and the beaches are filled with tall palm trees. Making it perfect for relaxation and the perfect opportunity to revel in the salty seaside air.

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