Walkin’ or Ridin’

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A recent study has been done on walking and driving a cart while shooting golf. Which is better? The health aspects or the purist’s point of view? There are a lot of things to look at while this is debated. Let’s take a look at both of these points of view.

The purist’s point of view golfing is all about the man against the course. Using machinery or technology advanced devices (not clubs) and electronics is straight up cheating. You must adhere to the way the game originated. A person, confined to sacrifice the day in challenging the course. This is an endeavor all in its own.

The walking is not all that bad. Though you will end up on average walking around five miles. This has always been the adage. Depending on whether you carry your own bags, push a cart, or hire a caddy can make a difference.

Riding in a cart helps out a golf course more, because the players move faster and they are able to fit more in. This makes it easier for more golfers to enjoy the course. It not just benefits the course but also the golfers that would like to enjoy the course. This is why this is a big discussion in-between the purists and the novices’.

People might think that golfing around with a cart is lazy, but in reality it still can help you burn calories at the same time. Although you cannot burn as many as when you carry your own bag, there are still many calories used in the process. Besides, taking a nice long walk in a park has the same healing effects (mentally and physically) as a stroll in almost any other place.

Walking with your bags definitively has its advantages. First and foremost, you can get a lay of the land. This has been proven that it can improve your game. Now you are not racing to the next hole, but taking your time to see what the next obstacle is. Now you can see the grade levels and exactly how far away it is and make judgments on your own.

This is all something that you will have to take into consideration the next time that you go out. Do you want to be refined, do it for the health or just kill some time with some of your buddies? It’s your call. Have fun.

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